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Why Dogs Bite

Attorney for Los Angeles Dog Bite Cases

Why do dogs attack people? Dogs are animals and are therefore subject to instinct. Even a seemingly friendly dog may attack seemingly without warning, but there are usually particular contributing factors that make a dog more likely to bite. Following are some issues to consider regarding whether a dog will bite, and in what circumstances:

  • The breed of dog - certain breeds are known to naturally be more aggressive than others, such as a pit bull, Rottweiler, Akita or Chow.
  • The dog's direct line - the parents and familial line of a particular dog may make it more prone to attack, as aggression may be a certain type of behavior that is actually "bred into" dogs.
  • Socialization of a dog - how a dog was raised and what types of people or other animals that he or she spent time with growing up. A dog raised around children, for example, will be more accustomed to a child's often unpredictable behavior and may be less likely to attack a child.
  • The training of a dog - dogs that are poorly trained or not trained at all may present a risk because they may not respond to the owner's command in an emergency situation. At times, a dog may even be trained specifically to attack, and in these cases criminal liability may be an issue to consider.
  • An injured or sick dog - when a dog is injured or sick, he or she may behave differently and more out of instinct rather than training. Attempting to move or lift an injured dog may result in a dog bite simply as a reaction to the pain of motion.
  • The victim's behavior - what the victim was doing at the time of the attack may have caused the dog to bite. A sudden movement, taking a dog's toy or food, or other actions may constitute behavior that would cause a dog to bite.

If you or someone you know was bitten by a dog, and you are interested in legal counsel to determine your right to file a claim or lawsuit to recover financial damages, contact a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer at our law firm today.


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