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The One Bite Rule

One of the most important things to consider in any dog bite claim will be whether the state in which the attack occurred observes the "one bite rule." Also referred to as the "first bite free" rule or "first bite rule," this refers to a law that shields the dog owner from legal accountability if the animal has previously never attacked a person. The only exception may be if the owner knew the dog had vicious tendencies and did not act accordingly. The foundation of the one bite rule was built upon the assumption that domestic animals are not inherently dangerous and should therefore not be held accountable in the event of a first attack. The one bite rule protects dog owners who could not predict that a dog may attack. It also offers any subsequent dog bite victims the opportunity to hold the owner strictly liable because his or her dog injured someone in the past.

The one bite rule has been a subject of much scrutiny, as it may limit a dog bite victim's rights to seek financial compensation from the dog owner. Although a dog may not have bit someone before, the victim will still face medical expenses and the possibility of a changed future due to bodily or emotional injuries sustained in or as a result of the attack.

California and the One Bite Rule

Thankfully, California does not observe the one bite rule in reference to dog bites and attacks. If you are bitten by a dog in Los Angeles or any of the surrounding areas in California, you will have the right to bring a claim or lawsuit against the dog owner - even if the dog has not attacked anyone in the past. Your rights to financial compensation will not be limited by the one bite rule.

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