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Preventing Dog Attacks

Steps to Take to Avoid Dog Bites

There are particular actions that a person may take in order to help avoid being in a situation where he or she is in danger of being bitten by a dog. These basic safety tips may make a big difference, particularly for children. This is why it is important to understand how to deal with dogs, particularly ones that you are not familiar with - as an adult or child.

Following are some tips to preventing dog attacks:

  • Ask the owner before you pet or approach a dog, even if it is only a puppy.
  • Never approach a strange dog forcefully or quickly.
  • Try not to make sudden movements around a dog that you do not know.
  • Do not take a dog's toy or food.
  • When you pet a dog, don't reach immediately for the top of the head. Petting the chin or the chest allows the dog to see where your hand is going and what you are doing.
  • Try to behave calmly around a dog - screaming, shouting or running may startle the dog and cause him or her to attack.
  • Don't tease or annoy a dog on purpose.
  • Do not approach a strange dog, particularly if it is in its own yard, is chained up or is on a leash without the owner present.
  • When offering a dog a treat, place it in your hand and lay your hand flat as you offer it. Holding it between your fingers may mean that the dog will accidentally bite your fingers while trying to reach for the treat.
  • If you are afraid that a dog is going to attack you, the wrong thing to do is scream and run. This will usually only trigger the animal's instinct to attack. Instead, act calmly and quietly walk away slowly. Try not to look the animal directly in the eye as you do so, as this may be seen as a challenge.

Contact a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer at our firm for more information about dog safety and how you can prevent dog bites.


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