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Dog Owner Negligence

Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

Dog owner negligence may take on many forms in relation to a dog attack. Although it may not be necessary to establish negligence in order to win a case (due to California's strict liability law regarding dog owners and dog bites) proving that the dog owner acted without proper caution or care may strengthen your case and allow you the opportunity to seek punitive damages as well.

What is negligence? Negligence is defined as acting without proper caution or care and therefore causing injury to another person. In the case of a dog bite, this may be exhibited by a dog owner failing to keep his or her dog properly fenced or on a leash, failing to post a "beware of dog" sign for property visitors, or keeping a dog that is known to be aggressive and dangerous. When dog owners properly train their dogs and act with reasonable caution in allowing their dogs to interact with people and other animals, this means that attacks are less likely to occur. Unfortunately, not all dog owners assume the responsibility that comes with owning a dog.

Legal Action against Negligent Dog Owners

A person who has sustained a dog bite injury may be able to take legal action against the negligent dog owner that was responsible for the dog's behavior. The victim may be able to seek and recover financial compensation for medical care, lost wages and possibly much more.

Consult an Attorney Today

A negligent dog owner may cause serious injury to an innocent pedestrian, a person visiting a dog park, a neighbor or a friend. If you would like to discuss your particular case and how dog owner negligence led to your or a loved one's injuries, contact a Los Angeles dog bite attorney at our law firm today.


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