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Los Angeles Dog Bite Lawsuits

In the wake of a dog attack, it is important to understand the particular procedure that may follow, in regard to filing a dog bite lawsuit and seeking financial compensation for your injuries. If you would like to discuss whether you may have grounds for a civil lawsuit against the owner of the dog that was responsible for your injuries, a lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group may be able to help. We represent clients in dog bite lawsuits throughout the Los Angeles area, and we will be happy to talk to you about your particular options and your rights as a dog bite victim.

When Can You File a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

When a person is injured by a dog, he or she will have the right to hold the dog owner responsible. This is due to California's strict liability rule in regard to dog bites, which holds the dog owner legally accountable even if the dog had no previous history of violence or aggression. There may be an exception to the rule, however, if the victim provoked the dog or was trespassing.

Are Dog Bite Cases Handled in Civil or Criminal Court?

Dog bite injury cases may be handled in civil or criminal court in California. Although the majority of dog bite claims are handled in civil court as personal injury claims, there are situations where a criminal case may be filed by the government and the dog owner may be subject to criminal penalties for injuries his or her dog inflicted. This usually applies in cases involving a dog that was specifically trained to attack others, had a history of aggression, or was ordered to attack the victim. A dog bite victim may be able to file a lawsuit in civil court and have a choice in a criminal lawsuit against the dog owner.

Find out more about filing a lawsuit for a dog bite? Talk to a Los Angeles dog bite lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group today!


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